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Why Are Your Swimming Goggles Fogging Up?

The human eye was not built to see underwater. While practicing and racing, goggles allow you to see underwater. You can see your destination, stay in your lane, and concentrate on your technique. The purpose of eyewear is defeated by fog. Because the fog forms inside the lenses, you can't reach up and wipe it off your goggles. At best, you're irritated. In the worst-case scenario, you begin to swim off-course. You might even have to come to a halt in the middle of a stroke to remove your goggles and clear them – but why does fog form in the first place?

Foggy goggles are the result of condensation. In the water, your goggles cool down, but the region around your eyes heats up owing to your body warmth. Water droplets accumulate on the inside of your goggles as a result of the combination of hot and cold, resulting in fog.

The harder you swim, the warmer your body becomes, potentially resulting in more fog. Naturally, you'll be swimming your hardest during race time, which is the last place you want foggy goggles to occur.


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