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UTOBest Swimming Goggles

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The UTOBest prescription goggles are a pair of goggles that are suitable for both adults and children.

The lenses are polarized and come in RX strengths ranging from -1.5 to -6. The interior of the goggles has the typical anti-fog coating (be careful not to brush the inside of the lens with your fingers—you'll rub the anti-fog right off), and the soft silicone construction gives you the added benefit of greater durability.

The added bonus features, like as a nose clip and a pair of earplugs, distinguish the UTOBest from other prescription goggles (apart from the price, which is only $12–check here for today's pricing and availability on Amazon).

Find the UTOBest goggles here with a 5% off!


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