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Speedo Vanquisher Prescription Goggles

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Get your Speedos here:

They're tough as nails, with silicone straps (as opposed to the latex head straps that come standard on older goggles—they fade quickly! ), they're fashionable, and they've never leaked on me in all the years I've owned them.

On top of that, they're Speedo goggles, which, regardless of the type of goggles we're talking about, are good enough for me.

The goggles are polycarbonate and shatter-proof, and Vanquisher comes with four different nose pieces to ensure the best fit for your face (my fit immediately out of the box). The goggles come in three colors and have the anti-fog coating that you'd expect from swimming goggles.

They are very affordable, with a pair of prescription goggles costing only a few dollars more than a conventional pair of swim goggles. They cost roughly $20 on Amazon (check here for current pricing and RX availability).

Get your Speedos here:


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