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Roka R1 Swim Goggles

Get your Roka's Here:

One of very few that has the best Anti-Fog.

These goggles are popular among open water swimmers and triathletes for a reason: they are both stylish and functional. Roka is a popular triathlon goggle brand, although many of the other goggle manufacturers on this list specialize in swim goggles.

Roka followed in Kayenne's footsteps by creating a pair of goggles that are stylish, comfortable, and offer a large field of vision without being unduly cumbersome. (They are little smaller than Kayennes.)

With a curved lens on the side, you can see well out to the sides, and because of the way the goggle rests in the socket, you can also see well upwards. When you consider how important it is to be able to sight easily throughout your races/training, the benefit of being able to look upwards better becomes evident.

Get your Roka's Here:


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