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MP Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Get Your own Goggles here:

When Michael Phelps and Speedo parted ways in 2014, it was inevitable that the GOAT would launch his own product line. The next year, he teamed up with Aquasphere to develop the MP range, which included a swim snorkel, swim fins, and, yes, swim goggles!

The MP Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles are the line's high-performance goggles, and they're the same goggles that Phelps wore during his final Olympic performance in Rio in 2016.

The goggles provide an excellent field of vision, which is useful during those hectic meet warm-ups and for checking on the competitors without turning your head mid-race. They also come in a number of colors and lens options.

Get Your own Goggles here:


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