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Barracuda Fenix Swim Goggle

Get your barracuda goggles here:

Barracuda goggles are the most comfortable, according to Samuelsohn, who wears them for all of his swimming sports. The Fenix is made up of three layers, with more hard plastic on the outer layer to keep the goggles' shape and softer rubber on the inner layer that feels comfortable on the face and won't leave marks from too much suction around the eye sockets.

They appeal to Dobrica for similar reasons. Barracuda has some fantastic solutions if you have very sensitive skin around your eyes and go around with goggles markings for hours after you swim,” she explains. “They may not be the fanciest-looking goggles at the pool, but you will not have raccoon eyes after swimming with them.”

Flexible replaceable nosebridges in three sizes enable a bespoke fit: Most facial forms are accommodated by the three interchangeable nose parts. It's as simple as twisting the nose bridge 45 degrees and popping it in or out.

Get your barracuda goggles here:


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